Muscle Pain Causes + 5 Pro Tips to Avoid

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What causes muscle pain? 

We’ve all been there: starting a new workout or a gym subscription, only to have all muscles aching the next day. This extremely common occurrence after intense physical activity is nothing to worry about and can be avoided with the proper care. 

However, other factors (such as stress, dehydration, nutritional deficit or disease) can also cause muscle pain, and should be overseen by a medical professional. 

In the case of exercise-induced muscle pain, this can occur when the person is not used to exercise or has suddenly increased the intensity of their workout. Additionally, failing to stretch and warm up before exercising can often lead to muscle pain. 

5 pro tips to avoid muscle pain

  1. Warm up and cool down. Always warm up and stretch before exercising, and don’t skip cooling down afterwards either. Introduce new workouts or exercises gradually rather than suddenly, so your muscles have time to adjust. 
  2. Massage before and after exercising. Help your muscles warm up and cool down with the Swissflex Warming Balm. This stimulates circulation and vitalizes the body before and after sports. 
  3. Rest. Once muscle pain has occurred, give your body time to rest. Avoid high-impact physical activity, especially the overuse of the painful muscle, and opt for something gentler, such as yoga or walking. 
  4. Ice. Reduce swelling and relief pain by icing the affected area for 15 minutes at a time. Stay hydrated while recovering, but also while exercising. 
  5. Avoid sedentarism. If you work at a desk, avoid sitting down for long periods of time, which puts you at risk for muscle strain. Get up and stretch often, take daily walks, and exercise regularly.