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Rosacea Causes & 5 Pro Tips to Prevent

What is rosacea?

This common skin condition causes redness and accentuates the blood vessels in one’s face, while also producing small red pus-filled bumps. The skin around the nose can thicken, and eyes might become irritated and dry. These symptoms can go on and off, and are sometimes similar to those of acne, psoriazis, or eczema. It’s important to get a correct diagnosis from a medical professional, who can rule out other skin conditions.

Although there’s no cure for rosacea, there are ways to soothe your skin and give it some relief.

What causes rosacea?

While anyone can get rosacea, it’s most prevalent in light-skinned, middle-aged women. A family history of rosacea increases your chances of developing it. Besides the hereditary factor, environmental causes of rosacea include smoking, drinking alcohol (particularly red wine), eating spicy foods, exposure to extreme temperatures and wind, UV rays, pollution, stress, and even some blood pressure medications.

Some of these factors cannot be entirely avoided. Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent or decrease the symptoms of rosacea:

5 pro tips to prevent rosacea

1. Document it. Each person’s skin is different, and so are their rosacea-triggering factors. It’s a good idea to document your routine in order to identify what triggers your rosacea. This will help you get a correct diagnosis and avoid said triggers.

2. Avoid rosacea triggers. If, for example, you keep a food journal and notice you’ve been eating spicy foods before a rosacea outbreak, consider excluding said food from your diet. Other common triggers include cigarettes, alcohol, certain medical conditions, hot drinks, or the incorrect use of skincare products.

3. Always apply sunscreen. Direct sunlight and UV rays should generally be avoided by everyone, but this is especially important for people who are prone to rosacea. Protect your skin using SPF 30 or higher, especially during a rosacea outbreak. Consider adding extra protection in the form of a sun hat or, during the cold months, a scarf.

4. Be gentle. Try not to touch your skin too much, and by all means, don’t scratch it. Use gentle skincare products, such as a non-soap cleanser, and consider applying kanuka honey topically to soothe your skin.

5. Moisturize daily. Use a non-greasy, easily-absorbed moisturizer to hydrate your skin and even out your skin tone. We recommend Swissforce Couperose, which is formulated with natural ingredients that prevent the appearance of redness and thread veins.

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