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How to cleanse the skin thoroughly

Why should you cleanse your face? 

Sebum is an oil produced by glands under the skin to protect it from harmful external factors. Once at the surface, sebum forms a barrier that prevents bacteria and other agents from entering the skin. Should that barrier fail, skin becomes prone to inflammation, for example in the form of acne. 

Proper skin cleansing is an important factor in the regulation of sebum and removing dirt buildup. Not only does it decrease the chances of a breakout, but cleansing also removes pollutants, dead cells and other debris accumulated during the day. This translates into softer, cleaner, youthful- and healthy-looking skin.  

Finally, clean skin is a great canvas for applying cosmetic products and treatments, which will be better absorbed and more effective. 

How to cleanse your skin thoroughly  

The first step in a good cleansing routine is washing your face in the morning and evening. This boosts hydration, keeping the skin hydrated and soft, regulating PH levels, and preventing breakouts. Using hot water on your face can lead to dryness and sensitivity, which is why lukewarm water is recommended instead. 

Next off, apply a gentle cleanser to remove traces of makeup and impurities. Perfect Skin by Swissforce is a great option, as it cleanses and soothes the skin without disturbing its protective function. 

Once a week, consider giving your skin a deep cleanse with the aid of a facial exfoliant. A good scrub removes dead skin cells and prevents pore congestion. However, less is more in the case of exfoliants: do it more often and your pores might be torn. 

After cleansing, pat dry with a soft towel and apply your facial toner and moisturizer. During the day, always include a facial sunscreen in your routine.  

Keep in mind that skin can also be over-cleansed and become imbalanced. If it feels too tight and dry at the end of cleansing, you should consider a gentler cleanser that’s more suitable for your skin type. 

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